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Channel Your Inner Peace In Cornwalls World Renowned Gardens

Cornwall might be famous for its award-winning shorelines and rugged cliffs, but there are a lot to see in Cornwall aside from the romantic seascapes and dramatic horizons. Cornwall has some of the well-preserved medieval castles in England, most of UKs awe-inspiring harbours and world-renowned museums. If it sounds fascinating, wait until you have read about the gardens that can be found in the country, most of which are included in the 80 best gardens in the world. It makes Cornwall a popular travel and tourism destination to spend time with nature and can be an excellent retreat from the hectic post-modern world.

The Trengwainton Garden is the most abundant in terms of species. It is well known for its walled gardens that were landscaped by Sir Rose Price himself, who is responsible for the nine-walled gardens that still serves as the main attraction up until this day. Some of the botanical species here, like the Lobster Claw, cannot be found elsewhere in Britain. These hybrids were the product of plant-hunting expeditions to Burma. Trengwainton is nearby a self-catering cottage called the Boscrowan Farm. It is the best-designed accommodation in the area which boasts of an inglenook fireplace and has private patio areas with French doors.

Godolphin is a 16th-century garden located in Helston. It soared in popularity as being one of the most fashionable houses in the 1800s and was also deemed as one of the most important historic gardens in the UK. On the south-western part of the garden lies the Godolphin Hill which offers a magnificent view over both St Michaels Mount and the St Ives Bay. There is also a permanent barefoot trail which often daily and free of charge, along with a seasonal festival called The Barefoot Festival which brings in more activities like yoga, karate and other fitness endeavours. The medieval garden is also close to three major beaches: Praa Sands Beach, Kenneggy Sands Beach and Porthleven Beach.

Visitors and holidaymakers looking for a place to stay near Godolphin, would head down to Porthleven harbour. Among the many fabulous luxury holiday homes in Porthleven, are harbour-side cottages, sea front apartments and cliff-top mansions. These offer the perfect retreat to relax and unwind after a busy day exploring the local gardens.

The Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens is one of the newest attractions in Cornwall which was just opened back in 2012. The garden is a mix of natural and man-made art, offering a stunning view of natures best alongside the creativity of men. The works of art are inspirational which makes them perfect for contemplative strolls in solitude. Some of the works are from internationally renowned artists such as David Nash and James Turrell, who have left an indelible mark that blends perfectly with the exotic plant species. The garden is also home to the Tremenheere Kitchen, which offers nothing but the freshest locally sourced food.

The Gulval cottage named Chyandaunce is the perfect place to spend the night in this area. The cottage has developed character while standing the test of time. A 100-year old forge used to stand on where the cottage was located before it turned into a dairy farm some 40 years ago. It is around 500 m away from The Bay Restaurant which offers a sweeping view across the Mounts Bay.


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