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What You Should Consider When Bounce House Hiring For Leisure

When the warmer, longer days of late spring, all of summer, and early fall are nearby on the calendar, you probably think of what you and your family can do outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. If there are going to be any chances to celebrate a kid's birthday, then bringing someone to bring in a bounce house can provide a nice touch to a leisurely afternoon children's party in your yard. Bouncy castles give kids a chance to get up and down in the air and burn off energy while parents and chaperons rest and chat with one another.

Still, this is a little more complicated than just calling anyone in who offers bounce house services. A number of considerations need to be kept in mind. Safety is absolutely the first one. Any business or individual that provides bounce houses needs to have a proven track record of safely operating such structures. Ask them about if any accidents or injuries have ever happened, and how they handle them. Also inquire about whether or not they just set up a bounce house, leave, and pick it up later, or if they stay on-site during the festivities in case of emergency. A party can get ruined quickly if a bounce house fails to operate and no one comes to fix it until after kids are leaving.

A second primary consideration is how many occupants the bounce house can hold. Many parents might choose to let their kids go into it, just knowing the children are in a contained space and having fun with others their age. However, some parents might want to go in with their children, partly to keep an eye on them, but partly to spend some fun moments with a young one. You need to know in advance what the acceptable head count is for a bounce house, and if adults are allowed in it. A maximum weight count might drop the head count allowed if larger people than kids are in the mix.

The third consideration you want to take into account before having a bounce house hired for an afternoon of leisure is what it will physically mean for your yard. Do you have room in your yard for the bounce house to sit on just grass? Will the grass recover from having something like that sit on it? Also, what about the mechanics and installation? Is a gas motor to inflate the bounce house going to be a potential danger to kids, or will there be an extension cord that is perhaps a tripping hazard at your party?

Now that you know the critical considerations about having a bounce house in your yard for a party or other kid's event, you can decide whether or not any local vendors are right for your situation. Keep in mind whether or not an operator stays on-site, how many and what kinds of people can bounce in the house, and what it will mean for your yard.


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