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Humpback Whales In 2016

Humpback whales belong to a group of marine mammals known as Cetaceans. Cetaceans include whales, dolphins, and porpoise. There are two types of Cetaceans. Those with teeth are called Odontocetes like killer whales and dolphins and those without teeth are called Mysticetes or baleen whales including the great whales such as right, bowhead, blue, fin, humpback, and gray.

Baleen whales travel in pods (groups of 2 or more whales). Baleen whales filter their food through baleen plates that hang down from the roof of their mouths like a comb and are fringed on the inside to capture their food (primarily krill, capelin, and herring).

The Humpback whales, Giants of the Sea, begin an exodus to the north in search of the right place to reproduce and give birth to their offspring. It's gladly in the Ecuadorian coastal region -specifically in the provinces of Guayas, Santa Elena, Manabi, Esmeraldas and El Oro- where nearly 4000 humpback whales find the perfect landscape to live the greatest love story ever, thus ensuring the species' survival. Thanks to these visitors, the beaches of Ecuador receive thousands of tourists from all over the world looking to watch from close up the world's largest animals. The Humpback whale is the most active of all the baleen whales, so it is often seen breaching, spy hopping, slapping its pectoral fin, lobbying its tail and jumping out of the water. To watch the show, there are lots of vessels available, constantly taking people to see them perform their marvelous sea dances. More information on humpback whale watching tours.

These giant mammals are the heaviest and strongest of all whales. The size of an adult female is about 19m (62ft), while the males measure up to 15m (49ft). Considering their size and their average weight of about 30-40 tons, the Humpback whales have certainly a place among the world's largest animals. Nonetheless, it remains an endangered species because of their condition of slow swimmers -compared to other whales- made them an easy target for the 18th-Century whalers.

Humpback whales got their particular name out of the exaggerated hump that forms around their dorsal fin when they arch to dive back into the water. They are gregarious animals that live in groups of eight or ten individuals when living in cold climates. However, during the reproductive season, they migrate all together to the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean, staying there from June to September.

Humpback whale watching season begins next June in Ecuador, and no one should miss it. Enjoy the show and feel moved by this wonderful experience watching one of the biggest and most magnificent animals of the planet emerge from the depths as if they were weightless.

Useful Lifestyle Tips For Women

Women are known to be great multi-taskers. In fact, studies have found out that women are better in multi-tasking than men. This is the reason why women can accommodate many responiblities such as studying, working and attending to their faamily duties easily. However, all these demanding responsibilities make some women live a poor lifestyle. Most women are ever busy; thus they do not have time to take care of themseves and enjoy the world. If you have been living an un happy life here are important women lifestyle tips that will help you change your life for the better.

Start working out

One of the factors that makes a woman to be pround of herself is by having a perfect body shape. Most women are usually concerned on how other members of the society see them. Ladies with sagging tummies and bulk bodies always feel insecure since they see as if no one will like them. Do not let your body shape give stress any more, start working out to shed those extra fats for a perfect body shape. With a perfect body size and shape you will also be comforable hanging around the pool side or at the beach in a sexy bikini since you are not embarrassed any more.

Eat a health diet

Overall body health is one of the factors that will determine the kind of lifestyle you will have. You have to stop consuming high calories food and food containing unnatural additives. If you have a habit of grabbing a snack every now and then on the street, it is the high time you stop craving for junk foods. If you feel thirsty, avoid consuming sodas and processed juices, try to consume plain water for a better health. Also, develop a habit of consuming whole grain and natural food since they contain useful vitamins and nutrients needed by the body.

Choose your beauty products carefully

It is normal for women to start using skin care products at early age. Howver, you need to ensure that the products you use are not harmful to your health. Some of makes-up and skin care creams on the market today contain harmful ingredients that can harm your skin. As we all know women care so much about their skin; therefore, you should ensure that you use creams that will give you a young and healthy skin. If you take caution when buying your skin care creams, you can find great products that will help to fight free radicals and also prevent wrinkling of the skin; thus giving you a beautiful look.

Be financial independent

Another factor that can ruin many women life is by relying on financial help from their husbands and in some cases their parents. By relying on finacial help from another person you will never get enough. You need to have your own money that you can spend how you like without being monitored by another person. You can start a business or get a job to earn your own money. If you are a stay at home mom, you can start working online and earn some money of your own. Financal freedom is a a major key to a decent and happy life.

Many women live a desperate life by ignoring the above simple tips that could change your life for ever. It the high you change how you conduct yourself and start living a happy life.

Book Your Solo Travel To Cornwall

Travelling alone is a great experience, a chance to explore the world at your own pace. Moreover, you have lots of time for yourself to reflect and maybe even discover some new things about yourself. If you are looking for a perfect solo travel destination this year, you should definitely go to Cornwall.

There are many different activities that you can enjoy here, whether you are in a group, with family or even alone. You can easily find accommodation options for you. Some hotels will not charge more if the room is only for single use, or if you prefer, you can also book a single-room cottage to have your own space. Should you be looking for some time in quiet and peace, you can find cosy cottages in more remote areas but if you prefer being close to villages, there are many budget and luxury holiday retreats in Cornwall to choose from.

Here are some great ideas or activities for you to enjoy during your solo holiday or weekend away in Cornwall.

Surfing in Cornwall

Cornwall is very popular as the countrys surf capital, and even when you are alone you can easily take a class in the many surfing schools around. You can meet fellow surfers and hang out with them on the water and go for a beer afterward. This is a great activity to try out and when you go alone, then you can easily spend as much time on it as you want.

Beyond surfing, there are other water activities you can try out, so you can easily find ways to enjoy the sea and entertain yourself.

Luxury Vacation in Cornwall

If you find yourself too stressed and eager to take a break, why not take some time alone to pamper yourself? You can stay in a spa hotel and just book massages or other treatments for yourself. You can also try out the wonderful restaurants in Cornwall to simply indulge in great cuisine. You will find Cornwall a great destination to disconnect for a while and focus on yourself and your well-being. After a few days of your luxury solo holiday, you will look and feel so refreshed!

Go for a Cornish Walk

Cornwall has wonderful walks all over, including the popular South West Coast Path, which is in total 630 miles of paths featuring wonderful views of the Atlantic. You can do different parts every day, and be rewarded with breathtaking sea views that will be great for your body, mind, and soul. If you have are looking for some time to reflect, or even looking for motivation, then taking this walk with awe-inspiring panoramas will certainly inspire you.

See Cornwalls Top Tourist Attractions

There are so many places to see in Cornwall that you will never find it boring to travel on your own. You can visit various little villages, you can also see some Heritage sites like castles or museums. All of these activities are doable even if you are alone and still have so much fun.

In fact, there are so many advantages to travelling alone. Beyond the solo time, you might also have the chance to meet great people as well, something that you might not be able to do when you are traveling with other people. So why not try out solo travel in Cornwall during your next holiday?

Large Cottages And Homes In South Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the many places in the United Kingdom that offers a lot of breathtaking holiday destinations. The southern part is home to numerous seaside villages that can provide you that very homey, simple and nostalgic small town feel. You can find there hidden coves and beaches, spectacular coastlines, cliff top walks, lush sub-tropical gardens, fantastic sailing waters, wooded estuaries and river valleys, the National Maritime museum, the Eden Project, and the twin castles of St. Mawes and Pendennis.

To make your stay in any seaside town in South Cornwall, you need to stay in a comfortable accommodation that can provide you your essential needs. Here is a list of large holiday homes to rent and spacious cottages that can accommodate large groups of people.

Large Holiday Cottages

The holidays are the best times to spend long vacations in South Cornwall. You can stay in one of the many large cottages that can house around 10 guests. Some of the cottages you can consider are Bosinver Farm Cottages in St. Austell, Blanches House and Cottage in Lansallos, Nr Fowey, Wringworthy Cottages in Looe, Maenporth Holiday in Maenporth, and Sea Haze in Downderry.

These cottages are perfect for group holiday vacations with family or friends. Many of these choices are secluded and have a peaceful surrounding. One good example is the Blanches House and Cottage that is located in Blanches, Lansallos, Nr Looe. It is a two-property accommodation that can house up to 16 people. Pets and children are welcome, wheelchair access is present, and fishing nearby and riding nearby are also allowed. There are amenities such as hot tub, pool, broadband, tennis, and open-fire. Non-smokers will love the place because smoking is not allowed.

If you have a much bigger group, you can consider options like the Maenporth Holiday. It can accommodate up to 66 guests that can be distributed in its 18 properties. It is standing on a hill with plenty of green grass, small plants and trees. The hill is in front of the beach, which makes the place a perfect accommodation for people who just love beachfront vacation. Some of the amenities and services offered include broadband, function room, pool, games room, tennis, and hot tub.

Big Spacious Homes

If you want a more home-like set up of accommodation, then you can choose from the many large and spacious homes in South Cornwall. You can choose from Greengates at the Waters Edge in Downderry, Ravenswood in Looe, Sea Valley Kingfishers in Looe, Trethurffe Manor in Truro, Sea Valley Regent House in Looe, Treleaven Farmhouse in Mevagissey, Butterwell House near Looe, Froglands near Fowey, Higher Carnon Farmhouse near Falmouth, and many others.

These choices are great for families who are very close with each other. The Higher Carnon Farmhouse, for example, is a rural holiday cottages that feels very much like home. It can house up to 8 guests. Apparently, there seem to be countless options when it comes to large accommodations in South Cornwall. Any large group can definitely have the cottage or home that perfectly fits them.